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Recent Updates

Post by Commander Morgan » Wed Jul 18, 2018 10:35 am

***New areas to explore:***
On the Isle of Iron. Look out for the sign posts! A village, farms, docks and mining complex.
Initially, it can be quite a trek to reach Gorgestone, but once found, there's not one but two unique transportation methods, not including the boats to get you around the new areas quicker. Gorgestone also offers many potential locations for player housing.

Beneath the peaceful community of Gorgestone, the caverns and caves themselves are very, very dangerous, although the rewards for venturing there are equal to that found anywhere else on the Isle of Iron.
Lairs of all sorts are sprinkled throughout the Undergorge - but one strange feature is the lack of any ferrous materials in the rocks - and the larger than normal number of stalagmites in certain areas. Canny adventurers would be wise to Research and Be Prepared.

Shadowtop Mountain
A lair of unspeakable evil, gaining entry to this deadly dungeon is a Quest in itself. A race of angry repiloids are rumoured to lair beneath the main entrance of the Mountain, and perhaps it is they who know the secret to entering it. Then again, they could just be gits.

***Updates to Existing areas of Mt Delest:***
* The tunnels and environs of Mount Delest have had a little makeover - the encounters there are now scaleable with your PCs so expect the foe to fight back
* Many of the tunnels and mine-shafts have had "secret" areas added - whilst not entirely secret they are not obvious. Some of these can make you very rich, very quickly, and some of these can make you burnt and smeary even quicker
* Doors - updated to include an Alarm System for those of you wishing to destroy doors, gates and portcullises
* Cosmetic enhancements to many areas have been added
* New encounters have been added to areas you thought may have been "safe"
* Ores and materials have been added to applicable areas - you'll find fungi that glow in the dark in dark places, and roots and herbs that burn growing around heat sources

***Player Housing***
One new player housing has been added to Iron, by our oldest DM, DemonLady.

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Re: Recent Updates

Post by _JM_ » Mon Jul 23, 2018 2:33 pm

New areas are appreciated. Not sure if Jayem has found both unique transportation methods, but he does think the one lot are gits.

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