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Recent Updates

Posted: Wed Jul 18, 2018 10:35 am
by Commander Morgan
***New areas to explore:***
On the Isle of Iron. Look out for the sign posts! A village, farms, docks and mining complex.
Initially, it can be quite a trek to reach Gorgestone, but once found, there's not one but two unique transportation methods, not including the boats to get you around the new areas quicker. Gorgestone also offers many potential locations for player housing.

Beneath the peaceful community of Gorgestone, the caverns and caves themselves are very, very dangerous, although the rewards for venturing there are equal to that found anywhere else on the Isle of Iron.
Lairs of all sorts are sprinkled throughout the Undergorge - but one strange feature is the lack of any ferrous materials in the rocks - and the larger than normal number of stalagmites in certain areas. Canny adventurers would be wise to Research and Be Prepared.

Speartop Mountain
A lair of unspeakable evil, gaining entry to this deadly dungeon is a Quest in itself. A race of angry repiloids are rumoured to lair beneath the main entrance of the Mountain, and perhaps it is they who know the secret to entering it. Then again, they could just be gits.

***Updates to Existing areas of Mt Delest:***
* The tunnels and environs of Mount Delest have had a little makeover - the encounters there are now scaleable with your PCs so expect the foe to fight back
* Many of the tunnels and mine-shafts have had "secret" areas added - whilst not entirely secret they are not obvious. Some of these can make you very rich, very quickly, and some of these can make you burnt and smeary even quicker
* Doors - updated to include an Alarm System for those of you wishing to destroy doors, gates and portcullises
* Cosmetic enhancements to many areas have been added
* New encounters have been added to areas you thought may have been "safe"
* Ores and materials have been added to applicable areas - you'll find fungi that glow in the dark in dark places, and roots and herbs that burn growing around heat sources

***Player Housing***
One new player housing has been added to Iron, by our oldest DM, DemonLady.

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Posted: Mon Jul 23, 2018 2:33 pm
by _JM_
New areas are appreciated. Not sure if Jayem has found both unique transportation methods, but he does think the one lot are gits.

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Posted: Fri Sep 21, 2018 2:22 pm
by Commander Morgan
***New Areas to Explore***
Somewhere in the Undersea - a recently discovered tribe of goblinoids are using the Undersea as a base for their nefarious depredations. For those brave enough to cross the Undersea and seek out the lair of the raiders, fun and adventure for all ages can be had.

Notes: This is a scale-able "hack and slash" horde dungeon for those who weary of epically slaying countless low level monsters*. Expect the monsters in this place to put up at least a bit of a fight. Hopefully there will be rewards and loot to match at the end of levels too. You may even find the much sought after Key to Shadowtop Mountain, which still hasn't been found.

The chances of certain death are high, and adventurers should expect to meet foe that are at least as prepared as they are.

*you know who you are.

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Posted: Fri Oct 12, 2018 9:07 am
by Commander Morgan
**New Areas to Discover, Explore and Expire in**
Somewhere on the northern slopes of Mount Delest lie the largely forgotten ruins of Speartop Mountain. The Doors to this dungeon have been discovered, although gaining access is fraught with danger in itself. Few who have ventured there have returned.

Note: This is a scaleable dungeon hack. It may be a little near impossible to solo it, or at least solo it quickly. Expect a lot of fighting and do not rely on magic to help you out - unless you go well stocked with wands, scrolls or low level mage-fodders.

Treasures and loot are in abundance, which is only fitting as most adventurers will not survive long enough to be able to spend any of their ill gotten gains.

Note: This is not a quick dungeon to run through - stock up on beverages and snacks and expect more frustration than trying to open a can of Pringles and putting the lid back on.

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Posted: Sun Nov 18, 2018 4:10 pm
by Commander Morgan
***New Areas to Delve and Pot-hole, New Ways to Die***
Thanks to our web-wemmic there are more new areas to explore - including several new dungeon-lairs. Not all are hostile, some are puzzling and at least one is perplexing:

*Pot-holing to Gorgestone*
After heeding feedback from players finding it hard to "follow the non-existent signs" to the village of Gorgestone it is now possible, although not advisable, to delve and pot-hole from the bays of the Isle of Iron all the way to the shores of the Undersea, and from there it's a simple boat ride to the hospitable shelter of Gorgestone.

*The Grove of the Myconids*
A small, peaceful garden to visit after the ardors of adventuring.

*The Lairs of the Rustmonsters*
Everyone's favourite creature feature, expect many riches to be had for those wishing to explore naked.

*Undergorge Environs*
Some minor and major changes to the environs, passages and locations of the Undergorge and Undersea. A few little extras in the darkness that is the Undergorge.

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Posted: Sat Dec 08, 2018 2:22 pm
by Commander Morgan
***New Areas added***
Once again, our web-wemmic has updated Iron and several new areas have been added.

*Pot-holing from the Undersea to Gorgestone*
It's now possible to walk all the way from the beach-head on the Isle of Iron to the village of Gorgestone - if paying the ferryman's fee is too costly for you. Search the environs of the Undersea carefully to find the route. There are no signposts, most reasonable folk travel the Undersea by boat, and quickly.

*Crooky Hole Caves*
Beware the caves of Crooky Hole. A long disused cavern system linking the Undersea to the famous cheese-producing farms of Gorgestone, said by some to be haunted by the spirit of an evil witch. Of course, some people will say just about anything.

*New books and items*
You may also be fortunate to stumble across ancient tomes, bestiaries and other grimoires - either as random loot or in the possession on the Undersea denizens.

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Posted: Fri Jan 18, 2019 2:32 pm
by Commander Morgan
***New Areas Added!***
Our web-wemmic has returned straight into the saddle and uploaded many new, exciting additions

*The Muddle*
Explore the depths of the Muddle and find out exactly what lies beneath. The Muddle is a very long dungeon crawl, with secrets, traps, puzzles, foes to overcome and of course not an unsniffable amount of loots to be had.

Note: Finding this is a challenge in itself - look out for in game clues and books / mappes. The 14 levels of the Muddle can be quite daunting to solo, and having the right guidebook can really help. The "final boss level" may not be accessible to all - again, having the right guide or item will see you through, although that's as much of a clue as you deserve.

*Twisting Tunnels*
Burrowing as they do deep beneath the earth, the Twisting Tunnels have stretched further and deeper for those that can pot-hole far enough

*New Items, Less Junk*
New items have been added to the treasure pool, including some petty to minor magicks, and of course many new books.

*Collectors Quests*
Collectors have sprung up in strange places asking for an assortment of items. Time to empty out the storage chests and get a little reward

*Exploration XP*
Thoroughly explore a particularly dangerous area and you *may* be rewarded by an Exploration XP Cookie.

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Posted: Fri Feb 08, 2019 6:05 pm
by Commander Morgan
***New Areas Added***
A few deep down and high up areas have been added to the Iron Server. Rumours of a Gorgestone Hairdressers and Beauty Parlour have been greatly exagerated.

***More Flavour, More Trouble***
Older areas (that are mine to touch) have been updated, more loot, hostiles and flavour than ever before

***New Treasures***
Treasure drops have been updated to reflect the fact that not many of the Denizens of the Underground weild 2-handed Holy Avenger Battleaxes. Now, hopefully, your foes will reluctantly part with treasures more appropriate to their backgrounds.

***New crafting components added***
Filled in some gaps with missing or impossible to locate crafting materals. You'll need to search for these - updates were to both the Isles and to Iron, so there is not too large an area to explore.

***More Collectors, Less Hording***
There are more collector type NPCs wandering the servers now. Look in places that you'd expect to find them, and there they will be.

Somewhere in the newer areas I've placed some mysterious Easter Eggs. If you find one of these, please get in touch for a minor DM's reward. There are three of these in total - please limit these to one per player. If you are incredibly fortunate to come across a second or third, please leave it in situ and treat it as a FOIG for other players.

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Posted: Mon Mar 11, 2019 10:25 am
by Commander Morgan
***Updates to Toilora***
Including but not limited to area placable fixes, and creature faction fixes.
The Elves of the Isle of Eternity now sell more unique items, weapons and armours.
The Wealth of the Elves of Toilora has not been underestimated - shoppers and traders take note.

***New areas added***
Dark secrets and rumours of additional areas in the Underground beneath Delest are possibly groundless.

***Exciting new Experience Rewards***
Our alpha-wemmic has made some tweaks to the XP coding for all areas - including a minumum XP reward. Please feel free to PM him with any feedback

Re: Recent Updates

Posted: Fri Mar 29, 2019 2:03 pm
by Commander Morgan
***New Areas Added***
A forgotten tower discovered:
Somewhere on the pine-haunted slopes of Mt Delest is a forgotten tower, rumoured to be the long abandoned home of a wizard of some repute.
Strange hairy beasts have been sited interferring with travellers and seekers of fortune, venturing forth from their frozen lairs.
The icy cold makes exploration extremely perilous, and it is uncertain how long the mountain passes will remain free of avalanche.

**Minor tweaks**
With the increased prosperity of the Dwarves of Iron comes increased travel. For those with limited sense of smell, it may be possible to hitch a ride on one of their PONIES.

**Long term quest**
It is possible to become quite famed with the folk of Gorgestone, who would never dream of charging an honoured guest to travel on their boats, and may even offer lower prices on their marvellous goods. Note: this is a very long term quest. Expect dm interaction before being awarded the rank of Hero of Gorgestone.