***List of New Dungeons - as requested***

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Commander Morgan
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***List of New Dungeons - as requested***

Post by Commander Morgan » Tue Feb 11, 2020 10:52 am

The Undergorge
Crooky Hole Caverns
Grove of the Myconids
The Forgotten Tower
Lair of the Yeti
Caves of the Ice Worms
Nest of the Fire Ants
Shadowtop Mountain (updated)
The Mines of the Goblins
The Hatchery of the Basilisks
The Lair of the Rustmonsters
The Sahaugin Temple
Demiportal of Hell
Demiportal of the Abyss
An Ancient Tower
The Goblin Kings Castle
Wererat Lair
The Forgotten Isle
Beneath the Wildwood (updated)
Temple of Horros (new)
The Sills (updated)
Broodgylch (updated)
Shambling Shanty (updated)
Under the Ugly Elf
Yeenoghuru and the Lair of the Scaled God
The Limestone Caverns (updated)

Each of these has it's own quest, lore and in game books containing the history and clues to the area.

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