The Greater Goddess Abyss

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The Greater Goddess Abyss

Post by ForsakenPlague » Sat Dec 01, 2012 3:50 pm

Influence - Greater
Alignment - Chaotic Evil
Sphere - Destruction, Evil
Colors - White, Pale Silver as secondary
Symbol - A child’s doll broken into three pieces: The head is torn off and the torso is torn diagonally in half from shoulder to hip (thereby tearing the “heart” in two). Corpse winding sheets are another symbol.
Favored Weapon - Scythe

Followers Alignment - TN, LE, (CE), CN, NE
Class - Any

History, Public Knowledge

Abyss is also known as the Destroyer or the End of Ages. She is the Goddess of Destruction. Those who worship her are either insanely bold, seeking power by being her mortal instrument, or by those who wish to avoid coming to her attention at all.
Her places of worship are atypical. She prefers destroyed temples, tainted lands, or bloody battlefields. Since it is believed that to look upon her is to be utterly destroyed, body and soul, her followers instead hang winding sheets in lieu of statues.
Her blackguards are utterly devoted to her. Former followers have been known to be hunted by these elite warriors.

Principles, Public Knowledge

Abyss' focus is utter destruction, the end of entire ecosystems, the end of entire civilizations, the end of great ages. The weak are destroyed, fall into extinction and are forgotten by history while the survivors of such catastrophes—whether sentient races, plants, or animals—will eventually rise again, cleverer and stronger. In time, the destruction cycle will be repeated and the survivors will again grow smarter and stronger.

Note: Blackguards are holy warriors of Abyss, and must worship her in order to gain their power. This is common knowledge.

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