The Child Goddess Anamaleth

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The Child Goddess Anamaleth

Post by Alphonse » Mon Dec 04, 2006 1:20 pm

Alignment: CG
Followers Alignment: NG, (CG), CN
Sphere: Childhood, Mischief
Symbol: Candy
Colors: Primary colors, nothing dark

Anna walked Nuvar as a mortal before she became a goddess. Rescued as a child from Balors she became the adopted daughter of three women, Catherine Feard, Lily and Sonja Pyre. An imp seeking her infant blood to gain in strength himself led to her three mothers finding a way to age her to foil the Imps plan. Anna and Lily lived 5 years of life in the blink of an eye, with Anna picking up some magical tricks from her adopted mother.

Life became calm for the next couple of years until an evil presence known as the Nightstalker began to hunt her for her blood. The Nightstalker, working on behalf of a Death Priest of Helthor was eventually defeated, his death taking Anna's three mothers and their friends on a trail to Kalgonis, the Death Priest. Tricking Anna into coming to his tower the Death Priest prepared the ceremony to turn himself into a god in Anna's place.

Fortunately Sonja, Cat and a group of brave adventurers managed to reach the tower in time and defeat Kalgonis. Anna, realising the power her blood contained, and the good she could do for all of Nuvar completed the Ceremony and ascended.

Despite her new found status Anna still enjoys playing with the children in the hamlet, knowing that they dont suspect her to be any different from them.

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