The Island Chain of Arkaz

Information regarding the Islands

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The Island Chain of Arkaz

Post by terryrayc » Wed Jun 01, 2005 3:50 pm

A large cluster of islands. Many people seem to find the islands but no one seems to find the way out. Current Epic quest to discover why. The location of the Island Chain of Arkaz isn't known to anyone even those who have lived on the islands their entire lives. While it is known that people started showing up on the islands a little over 300 years ago, no one has any knowledge about who or if anyone was there before. Though the lack of ruins leads sages to guess the islands were empty.

The first person to arrive was a sailor name Draian. Arriving on a strange island alone should have drove him mad. But he saw the rich land and decided the fates had been kind to him. He marked of a large section of the island he was on and named it after his family, and with that the Island of Nuvar was born.

Shortly there after people started to arrive in 2s or 3s. Always the same story, no one understood how they got where ever they were and no one could seem to find a way to leave. After several years the growing population decided it would be best if they accepted their fate and started rebuilding their lives. Soon building were built and farms were setup and after another 20 or so years life started to become normal.

The first nonhuman arrive 58 years after Draian arrived. A young elf washed ashore and after taking stock of his surroundings walked into the woods and remained unseen by the human population for 14 years. During that time other elves arrived and also entered the woods and seemed to vanish. 14 years after the first arrival hunters following a deer track run into a small elven settlement deep within the forest.

The elves while kind to the hunters asked them to no hunt on their lands. The hunters returned to the city, now called Nuvar and spoke with Draian about the new elven town. Draian after listening thought for a moment and then said "Let them have it, how much land do we need?" "Besides we're probably going to be here for a long time so it's best to get along."

Shortly there after trade began and with trade came the first dwarves. The strange thing about the dwarves was the fact that they didn't arrive in 2s or 3s, they arrive with a ship of 40. A strange storm knocked them off course and landed them on the island. Being dwarves and seeing the elves, started 45 years of blaiming. The dwarves were sure the elves had tricked them here. The elves were sure the dwarves were responsible for their troubles. It took 45 years for them to understand that what was going on wasn't the fault of any of the islanders.

Not long after the first ship arrived a search began of the other islands. 11 more were found, each a little different then the others. After the island, dubbed the Isle of Iron, due to the large ore deposits discovered there was charted, the dwarves being dwarves picked up everything and moved on over. Trade between the 3 peoples grew and flourished.

Other races started to arrive, though largely unnoticed due to their small numbers but after 150 years one could find humans, elves, dwarves, Halflings, gnomes and several of the less then wanted races. Orcs and Lizardmen and even a few giants were spotted on some of the other islands. It's not sure when they started to arrive or in what numbers but with that discovery the other races started building weapons.

Armies were born, not to fight a war but to stop a war from breaking out. For the next 30 years eyes were turned in all directions but nothing happened until that last night. The attack came not from the orcs or the giants, but from above. A dragon attacked the islands. Not 1 but all of the peoples were attacked. No one knows where it came from or where it lives but every few years it attacks again, taking food and sometimes people during its attacks and then flying off not to be seen again until the next attack.

It is now 300 years after Draian first arrived and a simi-peace makes up the island chains. New people still arrive every so often and settle in for the long haul. The dragon still attacks every so often and dwarves still think the elves are up to something.

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