The Isle of Iron

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The Isle of Iron

Post by terryrayc » Sat Jun 11, 2005 3:11 am

Called such because of the large amount of iron deposits found there, is home to the growing nation of dwarves. Mostly rocky with very little in the way of forest most of the races found it too unlikable to move there. However the dwarves, being as they are, took an instant liking to it. A small town can be found on the island which would confuse anyone dropping by, because the size seems too small for the large number of dwarves. Anyone taking the time to find out would discover the town is there to serve as a trading post only. The main city of the dwarves is located below the surface of the largest mountain in Arkaz. Mt Delest, which means Steel Cavern, reaches up above the clouds on places and covers teh bulk of the island.

The City, named Iron Forge, is now home to about 400 dwarves, the bulk of the population. Within these walls you'll find many forges and the sound of hammers echos nonstop. Some of the finest steel items in the isles come from this large city.

Currently under the leadership of King Stonebeard the dwarves are a growing and well adjusted people. Their gates are open to all who seek to learn the crafts. It should also be noted the dwarves are the only race to have selected a king to lead them rather then a group of elders.

The areas directly around Iron Forge are fairly safe for the young traveler due in part to the patrols of Heavily Armed patrols. Though once you get out of range of these local patrols the caves can become quite dangerous. You parties of travelers have been known to vanish without a trace in some of the lower levels and even experienced travelers stay close to the major population centers or mines.

There are a few minor Dwarven outposts scattered throughout the mountains, mainly to protect trade routes. These outposts normally contain 15 to 20 dwarven warriors with atleast one third of their number on guard at all times. These outposts also contain a small guest house to provide rest for travelers.

There are 2 main Iron mines outside of Iron Forge. These 2 mines are large and show signs of extensive use. After nearly a hundred years there are no signs the dwarves are close to running out or have even really scratched the surface of the deposits found there. There are several minor mines around as well though not much goes on with them.

There is also a small gem mine as well as some minor mines to other medals in the area. These mines are well guarded due to their value and normally outsiders are not allowed near them. Though the Dwarven king has been known to grant access to a few trusted and well known persons.

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