The Rising Eclipse

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The Rising Eclipse

Post by ForsakenPlague » Tue Oct 04, 2011 4:28 pm

There have been quite a few questions flying around regarding the Rising Eclipse. By now, enough people have interacted with them that this information should be fairly common knowledge.


Rising Eclipse stand between four and five feet tall. Their facial features are sharp and angular, as is the rest of their bodies. Their skin ranges from a light to dark shade of blue, the former belonging to the young and the latter belonging to the old. Most of the males wear their hair long(shoulder length); a few sport mustaches or goatees, but it is rare. The females seem to favor shoulder length hair as well(there are the occasional and extreme exceptions). What sets their style apart is that they prefer to weave tiny beads or other pieces of jewelry into it.

Rising Eclipse have two primary shades of eye color-white and blue. As with their skin color, their eyes turn from white to blue as they age. Their ears are long and pointy, and their noses are short. All Rising Eclipse are slim and slender, though some of their warriors have quite a bit of upper-body strength.

Rising Eclipse do not speak common for the most part. Some speak a mildly-confusing dialect of Elven, but for the rest, communication is in a language full of sharp hisses that is foreign to Arkaz.

Rising Eclipse seem to sap the very warmth out of the air. Their skin is cold to the touch, their breath is frosty, and their blood is frigid and blue.


Rising Eclipse are always dressed in either robes or armor, both of which are made using sheets and pieces of ice, and seem to favor blue cloth over any other shade. Their weapons are made entirely out of ice, from the hilts of swords to the shafts of spears to even the plumage on arrows. The ice incorporated into their robes, the ice that makes up their armor and the ice used for weapons melts immediately upon being separated from their possession whether they are in the hot sun or in a frigid snowstorm.

Some of their equipment-their shields, for instance-seem especially resilient to fire, and their weapons release a significant blast of cold upon striking a target.


Rising Eclipse keep tiny pouches of ice on their person. As with the ice used in their armor and weapons, it melts upon leaving their possession. They wear flashy jewelry-rings and amulets with lots of sapphires in them. It is impossible to find anything on them relating to a god or goddess, whether that is a prayer book, holy symbol or some other piece of religious paraphernalia. They do carry Arcane trinkets on their person-components for spells, wands, rods, staves, spellbooks.

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