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Re: Player Quotes

Post by ambrosia » Mon Mar 19, 2012 4:55 pm

found this quote today I totally meant to post awhile back... :twisted:
<Medea> Oh tell us, antipaladin.
<AntiPaladin> <.<
<AntiPaladin> >.>
<ShentaoIG> no fibs either
<AntiPaladin> Omg.
<AntiPaladin> I'm totally 73.
<AntiPaladin> I have a walker.
<ShentaoIG> ..
<Medea> I don't believe you.
<AntiPaladin> Yeah, that's right, you got your ass beat by a senior citizen.
<ShentaoIG> dont ...medea..too late
<chlorine> that is not true
<ShentaoIG> I guess I did
<AntiPaladin> =P
<Medea> huh?
<AntiPaladin> Hah hah.
<ShentaoIG> he beat shih ig
<AntiPaladin> Now, it's time for me to go drink my prune juice.
* Medea is now confused
<chlorine> no 73 year old says "omg"
<AntiPaladin> OMG!
<AntiPaladin> Yes! They! Do!
<chlorine> liiiies
<Medea> He's 15 and doesn't want to admit it
<AntiPaladin> . . .
<chlorine> bahaha
<ShentaoIG> usually is the case
<AntiPaladin> Oh, if only you knew Madea.
<AntiPaladin> Medea.
<AntiPaladin> Med.
<AntiPaladin> Meds. I need mine. Because I'm old.
<ShentaoIG> ...
<Medea> Oh my meds!
<Medea> Bah
<AntiPaladin> Fine, fine. I'm 20.
<ShentaoIG> we cant believe you now
<ShentaoIG> >:|
<AntiPaladin> It's alright.
<chlorine> you're not allowed to be younger than me
<AntiPaladin> <_<
<AntiPaladin> Okay, I'm uh, 29?
<Medea> Darkfire is 21
<chlorine> ROFL
<ShentaoIG> he is!
<ShentaoIG> i lughed at that
<ShentaoIG> *laughed even
<Medea> I called him a liar too when I first met him cuz he was 17. I went wtf? The evil dark lord of Avlis is SEVENTEEN?!
<Medea> ROFL
<AntiPaladin> Dark Lord of Avlis? Lame title.
<Medea> What I nicknamed him. He was a very active Malekite
<ShentaoIG> serious have you no respect for anyone?
<Medea> no
<Medea> oh, were you asking me?
<ShentaoIG> Daemon' would own you...fluffy wonderpants
<AntiPaladin> Hah hah.
<AntiPaladin> Dameon and I never got the opportunity. Unfortunately.
<chlorine> ... 17 year old boys make very good dark lords, just saying
<ShentaoIG> to be fair the young man has been working for ages
* Medea is going to ask the Arkaz team to have Fluffly Wonderpants become an official title for Adonis
<ShentaoIG> tend to mature you
<AntiPaladin> . . .
<AntiPaladin> I will literally burn Arkaz to the ground if that happens.
<Medea> Oh now you're just flirting
<ShentaoIG> seriously the danger of daemon' isnt jusr daemon'..its the weird allegiances/contection he has
<AntiPaladin> Oh yeah, destruction does it for you, huh?
<chlorine> arkaz are islands, you can't burn ground to the ground.
<ShentaoIG> she has a point
<Medea> True, Dameon is weirdly capable of making friends or at least suspicious allies
<chlorine> <--is a dude
* AntiPaladin snickers.
<ShentaoIG> hey wonderpants..why not start with Seraz...there cheif
<AntiPaladin> I did, Gnul.
<ShentaoIG> pffft
* Medea falls out of chair laughing
<ShentaoIG> ohh
<AntiPaladin> And I made the Terminator's sniff doo doo before I put them down.
<chlorine> aaaaanyways, you guys are too distracting, I have to go pretend to be a very excited elfthing now
* ShentaoIG eyes the name
<ShentaoIG> Lumi?
<Medea> You guys are just great. You're helping my day be fun; it started lame

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Re: Player Quotes

Post by Darkfire » Tue Mar 27, 2012 8:13 am

That's fricken hilarious!
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Re: Player Quotes

Post by Greg-Pooh » Sun Apr 15, 2012 7:42 pm

Dasair wrote:
Thus far, what I believe would be useful:
- Mortican's Disjunction
Mortican's Disjunction? Is that a spell only useable for counting/dispelling summon and create undead spells? :mrgreen:
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Re: Player Quotes

Post by SandyMoonCat » Sun Apr 15, 2012 9:02 pm

Actually in context it makes perfect sense...

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Re: Player Quotes

Post by Dasair » Sun Apr 15, 2012 10:51 pm

ROFL. Yeah. Um. He heard this spoken. He doesn't know this spell, and uh, Common is his second language.

So of course, he just makes up some connection with death and calls it good.

I'm kind of dying though, cause I don't remember how to spell the real thing either. Mordikanianenaineain. Yes.
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Re: Player Quotes

Post by terror2001 » Wed Apr 25, 2012 11:30 pm

Angelica Ebon
by medea » Sat Apr 14, 2012 6:57 am

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Race: Human
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Re: Player Quotes

Post by Ronan » Sun May 06, 2012 4:59 am

Somewhere far away from where the plot was taking place...
Ralyorm : [Shout] This is another Teleportaion Rune
[Dasair] Xsaiav'lairnn Mystrif: [Talk] (( punch it. ))
[arcanedisaster] Ronan Ceril: [Talk] ((punches the teleportation rune with a skeletal hand. *Wham!*))
[Athena1] Sasee Cain: [Talk] ((lol))
Ralyorm : [Shout] The rune is Dispealed
[Dasair] Xsaiav'lairnn Mystrif: [Talk] (( dfkjgnfdjkgj ))
[Athena1] Sasee Cain: [Talk] ((sigh* Perfect))
Ralyorm : [Shout] and the Backlash from the explosion goes across the area
[Dasair] Xsaiav'lairnn Mystrif: [Talk] (( Damn, Ronan. ))
[arcanedisaster] Ronan Ceril: [Talk] ((Has evasion. Sorry, guys.))
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Re: Player Quotes

Post by ForsakenPlague » Mon May 07, 2012 6:00 pm

[13:58] <@mllw|afk> Is this where the discussion of "alternate uses for sonic rods" comes in?

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Re: Player Quotes

Post by ForsakenPlague » Mon May 07, 2012 10:45 pm

[angelfire200] Dameon': [Talk] I am listening.
[angelfire200] Dameon': [Talk] *whore*

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Re: Player Quotes

Post by Brayon » Fri May 11, 2012 9:06 pm

From IRC, self-posting:

[16:59] <@Brayon> Jarmanis should be killed, run over by a steam roller, set on fire, drawn and quatered, decapitaed, and then killed again. After which his soul should be destroyed for all eternity.
[16:59] <@Brayon> Just saying

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