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Re: Player Quotes

Post by luminance » Mon May 14, 2012 6:17 am

Skimming over tonight's log, the RP was moving so fast that I missed a couple brilliant lines in here.
Skrike Lastbreath: *snorts* Is no good if mate can't provide.
Simsha Shelisyn: Besides, wouldn't Tira prefer fish? *thoughtfully*
Brynja Einarsdottir: ill catch hersome fish
Skrike Lastbreath: Even the scrawny one there *points at Lue* can provide for his mate. *Grins toothily*
Lueali Myihel: Not if it involves catching fish, I'm afraid I'd be out of luck.
Tira M'Le'Yeritath: You have a mate? *to Lue, curious*
Lueali Myihel: I don't think I would... well, nothing like that. *amused*
Tira M'Le'Yeritath: ok, fine, be all Mr Secrety. *smiles*
Tira M'Le'Yeritath: But if you bring them to the wedding, they'll start to get ideas.
Carar E'lin: The fish or his mate?

I laughed my head off at this. :D You're awesome.

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Re: Player Quotes

Post by Vashalgrim » Sun May 20, 2012 4:56 am

Talking about Jastan, a cleric of Ralyorm, who turned to ash when making the core for the Mage Shrine


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Re: Player Quotes

Post by Vashalgrim » Fri Jun 29, 2012 3:27 am

From IRC:
[23:16] Vashalgrim unhelpfully pokes Ronan.
[23:17] Ronan helpfully pokes back with a marshmallow on a stick!
[23:17] Vashalgrim helps himself to the marshmallow.
[23:20] Ronan sandwiches Vashalgrim between two graham crackers.
[23:20] Vashalgrim: oh no! It was a trap...HELP!
[23:21] orvarg *offers ronan a hershey bar*
[23:22] SandyCat ... *starts the fire*
[23:22] Ronan thanks Orvarg profusely.
[23:22] Vashalgrim: .....wrong kind of help!
[23:22] orvarg: you did'nt specify who
[23:22] Vashalgrim: fair point
[23:23] orvarg: shh smore
Learn from my mistake, always be clear when asking for help....

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Re: Player Quotes

Post by Eternal Time » Tue Jul 17, 2012 5:56 pm

<@Terror2001> OMG how cute!
<Rosemary>, tell me honestly, how many people expected those words to ever come from Terror?
<@Terror2001> not even me

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Re: Player Quotes

Post by medea » Tue Jul 31, 2012 10:39 pm

<orvartg> and i want a nightmare
<SandyCat> to ride? I mean... wouldn't... important parts get scorched?
<orvartg> only if it does'nt like you

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*Dae pwns Shadow Lord*
Dae: I insist.

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Re: Player Quotes

Post by Psye » Sun Aug 05, 2012 9:50 am

<LostCause> Morning Brise
<brise-marine> Morning LostCause
<LostCause> FP must be a asleep as you appear to be neither frazzler nor frozen so far today
<LostCause> *frazzled
<brise-marine> Yup! I've learned to peek out from my hiding place once the sun has set
<LostCause> I thought she was stronger then?
<brise-marine> .. good point. Maybe I've just been lucky.
* brise-marine makes a circle of garlic around ForsakenPlague
<brise-marine> There.
<LostCause> ooh.. good shout
* Kayla| ( Quit (Ping timeout)
<Jalya> don't forget the protection circle of salt around yourself!
<LostCause> also a good idea... in fact...
* LostCause loads the salt shot into the shotgun
<Jalya> ooo
<Jalya> better!
<LostCause> So.. that's garlic, salt circle, salt shot... Brise, did you bring the holy water?
<brise-marine> Yes!
* Brigh tosses a bit of sunshine over
<brise-marine> I had it blessed by a priest, a monk, and the drug dealer down the corner, just in case
* LostCause nods
<LostCause> So even if she resists the holyness, she'll be too busy chasing flying elephants anyway..
<Jalya> ....oh! i have the stake!
<Jalya> ... kids decided it would look cool with Superman and Hello Kitty stickers... sorry.
<Brigh> no unicorn?
<LostCause> SandyCat's ransoming it for some more 'hi's' I'm afraid..
* Brigh sulks
<brise-marine> Let's add some stickers of Bieber to it too, just in case
<Jalya> .... I have narwhals, though?
<Brigh> narwhals....ok *nods* and add 2 Biebers...i always gott laugh hard cause of the similarity of Bieber=Biber (which is the german word for beaver)
<Jalya> lol
<LostCause> Stickers of Bieber... good lord, I'm not sure whether it's her we need to be afraid of with evil thinking like that!
<Brigh> well better be safe then sorry
* brise-marine is an evil genius
<Jalya> we could go for nyan cat stickers too
<brise-marine> Alright, I think we're set!
<brise-marine> Now we trap FP there until the sun comes up:)
* LostCause cheers
<Brigh> i'D say keep your fingers crossed too
<brise-marine> Her last sight will be Bieber's sticker, smiling down at her!
* LostCause cringes
<Jalya> singing baby baby....
<brise-marine> Oh right, we forgot the loudspeakers on repeat
* brise-marine fixes that mistake
* LostCause nods approvingly
<LostCause> Of course, if all that fails, just give her an ipad with angry birds on it.. should give us plenty of time to escape
<Jalya> toss in Temple Run, too, for good measure
<brise-marine> Good, we've bought ourselves at least a 7 minute headstart
<Brigh> which aint too much with FP
<brise-marine> Oh.. I forgot to videocamera to record her final moments, burning away .. "Baby baby.."
* Brigh hands the cam over
* brise-marine hooks it up to the internet so everyone can watch the video streaming online
* Jalya makes sure it goes automatically on full screen mode
* Brigh adds a "donate" button

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Re: Player Quotes

Post by ForsakenPlague » Sun Aug 05, 2012 6:14 pm

See how I'm treated? Smitings for all!

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Re: Player Quotes

Post by ForsakenPlague » Sun Aug 05, 2012 6:25 pm

And, because half of the culprits were mean Europeans, here's a quote from Terror.
[14:04] <Terror2001> Oh, you touch my tra la la. Oh, you touch my ding ding dong.
[14:04] <ForsakenPlague> Yah huh.
[14:05] <Terror2001> those songs just crack me up
[14:05] <ForsakenPlague> I don't get how it ever became an actual media production!
[14:05] <Terror2001> wacky germans
[14:05] <ForsakenPlague> It's like porn.
[14:05] <ForsakenPlague> In a song.
[14:05] <Terror2001> well, yeah
[14:05] <Terror2001> it's europe

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Re: Player Quotes

Post by luvart » Wed Aug 08, 2012 12:17 pm

Was asking FP for help naming my new character....and then:
<luvartery> how would you name a fat dexterous stealthy changeling who is also flirty
<ForsakenPlague> Tira.

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Re: Player Quotes

Post by Tiramisu » Wed Aug 08, 2012 5:08 pm

Tira's not fat. She's Phat! She's also not particularly stealthy. :mrgreen:
"Women and Cats will do as they please. Men and Dogs should relax and get used to the idea." ~Robert Heinlein

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