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Ask the Team Posting Guidelines

Post by Brayon » Tue Feb 07, 2012 6:51 pm

This Forum is for players with Questions. Any Questions you might have related to Arkaz, please start a topic on it, and post in this section.

A Team Member, or Members, of the Arkaz Team will then respond to the question, or ask clarifying questions to get a better understanding of what is being asked. At no point, is the question opened up for discussion to other players. Any non-team responses will be deleted.

Former Team Members, Other World Team Members, or Players that have a solution are encouraged to send a PM to the Arkaz Team, so it can be considered and posted officially by the Arkaz Team.

Q: What if I have a similar question?
A: Post the question on the same thread, but check its date. Old threads are good for reference, but maybe out of date. When in doubt, start a New Topic.

Q: What if I absolutely know the answer, but I'm not a Team Member?
A: Send a PM to the Team. Do not post it in the Topic. Because you may think you know the answer, and you may, doesn't mean its a correct answer for Arkaz.

Q: But....
A: NO!

A Team Member is anyone that has a Team Badge, or Team Designation, under their Forum Name.