Character creation and customization system!

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Chastened Phoenix
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Character creation and customization system!

Post by Chastened Phoenix » Sun May 28, 2017 8:29 pm

So, after several days of communication and effort, I've gotten my character into this world!

Definitely am grateful for the help I've gotten from the team!

But, I was highly impressed with the implementation of the custom race generator, and the equipment customizer. I don't recall seeing anything as well done last time I played, a decade ago.

Great to see the state of the art has continued to advance!

Also, I now have hak and tlk folders with all the nessecary files to get started. Those had to be sourced from multiple places. I'd be happy to turn my folders into an easier to use alternative, if you guys would like, and could advise me on the details of how.
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