Arkaz Policy on Divine Casters

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Arkaz Policy on Divine Casters

Post by Chris_Robin » Wed Sep 06, 2017 10:16 pm

Divine Casters on Arkaz need to have a valid CoPap Deity in their Deity field to be able to cast spells above 4th level for Clerics and Druids, and above 2nd level for Rangers and Paladins/Blackguards. This rule affects not only Arkaz native characters, but visitors from other CoPap Worlds. For Arkaz Deities, the alignment of the caster must match that of the Deity for higher level spells as defined above. For other CoPap worlds, the alignment must be one of the alignments supported by that CoPap appropriate Deity as defined by the Lore and rules of that world.

Note: Casting spells above level 4 for Clerics or Druids, or level 2 for Rangers and Paladins without a CoPap appropriate god and alignment will be considered an exploit, this includes meta magic spells in those slots. Characters caught doing so will be marked out of favor and unable to cast spells until rectified.

Additionally, certain classes are restricted to certain gods on Arkaz. See the table below:

Deity Name / Influence / Alignment / Sphere /Classes

Abyss / Greater / Chaotic Evil / Destruction, Evil / Clerics
Anamaleth/ Child / Chaotic Good / Childhood, Mischief /Clerics
Avani / Lesser / Neutral Good / Nature, Healing, Protection, Fertility /Clerics, Druids, Rangers
Braellis / Lesser / Neutral Good / Battle, Warriors, Honor /Clerics
Breen / Lesser / Neutral Good / Hunting and Woodlands/ Rangers
Dertmore / Greater / True Neutral / Nature /Clerics, Druids, Rangers
Devayani / Lesser / True Neutral / Love /Clerics
Helthor / Dead God / Neutral Evil / Murder /Clerics
Ishaar / Demon / Neutral Evil / The Lizardmen of Seraz /Clerics
Jaeger / Lesser / Neutral Evil / Nature, Strength, Power and punishment /Clerics, Druids, Rangers
Jarmanis / Demigod / Lawful Evil / Undead, Deceit / Clerics
Jerian / Intermediate / Neutral Good / Family and Birth /Clerics
Leair/ Lesser / Chaotic Good / Craftsmen and Merchants /Clerics
Lornale / Lesser / Chaotic Neutral / Mystery /Clerics
Nimbler / Lesser / Lawful Neutral / Law and Government /Clerics
Olyrn / Greater / Lawful Good / Healing and Peace /Clerics / Paladins
Pelagia / Greater / Chaotic Neutral / Nature (as it relates to the sea), Aquatic /Clerics, Druids, Rangers
Ralyorm / Greater / True Neutral / Knowledge and Magic /Clerics
Shi’ara / Lesser / Chaotic Neutral / Pleasure /Clerics
Thessela / Intermediate / True Neutral / Death /Clerics
Valshar / Former deity / Neutral Evil / none (formerly Sorrow, Loss and Deceit) /Clerics
Varm / Demigod / Neutral Evil / Thieves /Clerics
Waas / Demigod / True Neutral / Water, Lizardfolk /Druids, Rangers
Xanis / Lesser / Chaotic Evil / Illness and Pain /Clerics
Shi'ara - Goddess of Pleasure