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Welcome to Arkaz

Arkaz is a NeverWinter Nights persistent world. It is a member of the CoPaP organization which links several worlds together. Like all CoPaP worlds, Arkaz is a roleplaying server. Interactions take place in game between characters rather than players. Players' characters may also participate in roleplay outside the game by posting on the in character forums.

How to Join

To play on Arkaz, ensure your copy of NWN is up to the most recent version - 1.69. Download the Required Files, Read the Basic Rules, Authenticate your ID with the Alpha Server, and direct connect to us using the information below.

Connection Information

Arkaz can be found listed under "PW Story" in NeverWinter Night's multi-player options. Alternatively, you can directly connect using the details below

Port: 5121 for Nuvar, 5122 for Iron and 5123 for Toloira


You can help support Arkaz by joining the team and donating: <paypal></paypal>