Andrew Fears

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Name: Andrew Fears

Race: Human

Class: Yes

Gender: Male (Probably)

Age: Late Thirties


Fears is of average height, standing at 1.770m when absolutely straight. He has a wiry build typical of an individual used to living rough; moving often and eating when possible.

His skin is lightly tanned where it is not scarred. There is a large bite scar 20cm wide on his right bicep, two short scars on the underside of his left forearm and a scar across on the palm of his left hand in the shape of a cross. His finger nails are kept long and are usually clean, as are his toe nails.

Fears has a very regular looking face, although careful examination shows it most often relaxes to a slight snarl, with a feral edge to the set of his mouth. His teeth are intact, if a little yellow, with canines that are just a little too long.

He has thick dark brown hair which is kept at a manageable length with no great skill, with stubble which constantly threatens to cross the line between fuzz and beard maintained also with little expertise or care. His irises are hazel green and blue and are usually focused straight ahead, Fears instead turning his whole head to focus on things.

Andrew usually dresses in dark blacks and blues with silver trims. In civilised places he wears a hood with a regular shirt and pants. When hunting he wears a gaudier spiked robe with leather plates. His outfits are always tailored to cover up his scars with a length of cloth or a fingerless glove worn to cover those on his left hand.


Lived on Avlis. Worshipped Xenon. Was a war criminal in most nations. Quit the faith. Lived in the Underdark for a while. Moved to Arkaz. Converted to Jaeger.


Most often Fears behaves in an abrasive manner, speaking with an accent not without Verlogian influence. He rarely misses an opportunity to antagonise anyone he does not know well, seeming to thrive on the conflict, he often comes across as exceedingly arrogant. His criminal status in many of the surface nations of Avlis seems to be a point of pride to him and he will often make an effort to make it known to others. Despite this, Fears very rarely comes across as intimidating, instead seeming annoying or eccentric.

When startled he is prone to behaving animalistically; snarling or growling are not uncommon for him at such times. When dealing with those he knows well, or when forced by necessity, Fears tends to be more personable and at times his accent will slip or reduce in thickness, sounding more Elysian. He usually shows an awareness of his usual arrogance and aggressiveness and exercises self referential humour regularly.

Regardless of who he is dealing with, Fears is impulsive; sometimes being very generous or confrontational to the point that it hurts his long term interests. He will usually substitute regular terms for animal equivalents. Fears is also a very vocal priest of Jaeger, usually putting his faith before everything but his own life. Overall, Fears is selfish in his dealings with others, most actions being crafted for a specific purpose, though he does seem to be genuinely concerned with not transgressing the laws of Nuvar which he complains about very often.